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Monopoly Online live is a popular game that is based on the classic board game Monopoly. It is a live dealer game that is played in real-time, with a live host leading the game and interacting with the players. The game is played on a vertical wheel that is divided into different sections, each with a different prize amount or multiplier. Players place their bets on which section they think the wheel will stop on, and if they guess correctly, they win a prize.In addition to the standard wheel sections, there are also "Chance" and "Community Chest" sections that can trigger bonus rounds, where players can win additional prizes or participate in interactive mini-games based on the Monopoly theme. Monopoly Online Live has become a popular game in the world due to its engaging gameplay, interactive features, and potential for large payouts.



Monopoly Live Reel

The reel in Monopoly Live consists of these parts:

  • Numbers (1,2,5,10);
  • Chance - 2 sectors on the reel;
  • 2 Rolls - 3 sectors on the drum;
  • 4 Rolls - 1 sector on the drum.

Monopoly Live – The Next Hottest Online Game Show for Your Casino

Available exclusively from Evolution, MONOPOLY LIVE offers a brand new experience for online game show enthusiasts. The world’s most popular board game has been transformed with the help of origin company Hasbro into the next hottest property for your live casino. It combines existing Dream Catcher game elements, popular money wheel game, and classic Monopoly features with amazing augmented reality technology. The unique combination, high entertainment factor, and chance at massive prizes will keep players coming back for more.

MONOPOLY Live won the 2019 EGR’s Game of the Year prize and 2020 Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year. Now, you can bring this award-winning experience to your casino’s patrons.


Every aspect of this unique online experience grabs attention and boosts excitement. Gameplay is simple yet thrilling. The live game host spins the wheel as players try to guess where it will stop. It is vertically mounted, super-sized, and well-designed for an eye-catching display. A virtual Mr. Monopoly waits nearby to take over the next part of the game and cheer players to a big win.

The wheel gives casino fans more than the chance to win money when it comes to a stop in a prize segment. It also includes classic Monopoly elements like ‘CHANCE’ cards, which award multipliers, instant cash payouts, and more. Other segments offer ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’ to bring players to a special augmented reality section of this live experience. In it, Mr. Monopoly leads them on an adventure in 3D virtual space.


Before the host spins the wheel, players place a bet on which segment it will stop at. Options include the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, and the special slots ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS.’ If they are lucky enough to have the wheel land on their choice, they immediately win the payout. The number coincides with the multiplier for the bet itself. Therefore, if the player bets $10 on 2 and the wheel stops there, they win $20.

‘CHANCE’ segments trigger an interaction from Mr. Monopoly himself. He offers them a classic board-game style Chance card with either a multiplier bonus or immediate flat amount cash prize. The multiplier bonus gives players a second spin and an opportunity to win even more money. Current bets remain in place while the host spins the wheel. If it lands on a matching number, that prize gets multiplied. If the player gets another multiplier, they can win 2, 5, or even 10 times the payout.

Only bets on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ will allow players to join the BONUS game described above when the matching wheel segment comes up.


Players who bet on the winning segments join the augmented reality bonus game alongside Mr. Monopoly. This transforms virtual space into a three-dimensional Monopoly game board. The animated character travels around the edge and collects multipliers and prizes for the player.

Each move depends on the roll of two dice. Any current players who did not win the ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’ bet become the audience for the bonus game, but will not win any prizes from its outcome.

The 3D augmented reality board matches the classic boardgame design. Spaces include Chance and Community Chest card draws, GO, Jail, Super Tax, and properties with houses and hotels. It is currently available in British English, Italian, or German languages.